About Us

Moto Himalaya an adventure travel company, specializes in tours, treks and expeditions to the magical mountains and terrains of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim.

Raghu Melkote established Moto Himalaya-India in April 2011, bringing with him years of experience in the trekking and tours business. With careful and scrupulous research and valued feedback from experts and clients, Moto Himalaya has developed trips and itineraries solicitous of clients' expectations, comfort and safety. Moto Himalaya' treks and tours are so designed that anyone, of any age group, with a spirit of adventure can enjoy the thrills of exploring the exotic.

The team comprises highly trained and experienced personnel, who are experts at their jobs. They have a deep knowledge and understanding of ethnic cultures and customs endemic to the regions, which helps enrich your trip. During the course of tours or treks, great emphasis is placed on interactions with the local people through home or school visits, engaging in authentic social and cultural affairs. Primacy is given to the safety and well being of clients, staff and porters. Regular first aid and safety management courses are imparted to all staff, which guarantee appropriate and immediate care in the case of illness, injury or unexpected incidents.

Our treks and tours are well known for personalized services and for the high quality equipment that we use for the satisfaction, comfort and safety of our clients.

Moto Himalaya is committed to sustainable ecotourism. All measures are taken to protect the natural and cultural environment.

Being a locally-based agency operating our own trips, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible services at the most competitive price points. All you need to bring are your personal items and get set for a wonderfully adventurous trip!

Safety - our prime concern:

  • A Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) is a standard feature on all our treks and tours that go over 3,500 mt. or 11,500 ft.
  • First Aid trained Tour leaders with knowledge of CPR and High Altitude rescue.
  • Medical first aid kit with all basic medicines and equipment carried in every trip
  • North Face VE-25 expedition tent (used for Everest expeditions) adds safety and comfort to all our treks
  • High-pressure boiled and filtered water at our camps ensure 100% safe drinking water
  • All our cooks and kitchen assistants are trained to provide hygienically-prepared nutritious meals with a choice of local ethnic food and Chinese, Continental and Italian cuisine

    Distinct features of our tours, treks and expeditions:

  • All-inclusive treks, tours and expeditions
  • Local experts and competitive prices
  • Portable toilets and effective, eco-friendly waste disposal mechanism
  • Shower tents with portable handy shower that dispenses hot water is another salient feature of our treks and expeditions
  • Hot water bag/bottles provided to every client every night on all high altitude treks
  • Sufficient fuel always carried for group, crew and porters
  • Insurance coverage for all staff and porters